At Milestone Construction Company, safety is paramount. We prioritize the well-being of our workers, clients, and communities above all else. From comprehensive training programs to strict adherence to industry regulations, we ensure that safety measures are integrated into every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to safety not only protects lives but also enhances productivity and project efficiency. We believe a safe job site is a successful job site, and we spare no effort in maintaining the highest standards of safety excellence.

Safety is a collaborative effort involving our subcontractors and craftsmen. We work closely with them to check that they are fully trained and equipped to adhere to our rigorous safety protocols. By fostering a culture of accountability and communication, we empower all team members to prioritize safety on every job site, creating a secure environment for everyone involved in our projects.

Through our system of safety controls and strict adherence to our safety program, we have achieved the following:

  • Milestone has never had a serious injury, lost time accident, or fatality on any of our projects.
  • Superintendents and Project Managers have a minimum 10-hour OSHA safety course and several have completed the 30-hour OSHA course.
  • Milestone is proud to have achieved “Gold Status” in Safety Step Program that is offered and monitored by the Associated Builders and Contractors of America.
  • Milestone has an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) significantly below the industry standard which financially benefits our customers.

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